AUTOGRAPH VERIFICATION CHECK: Click here to check your COA number.

Standard Authentication:
Standard authentication means your item will receive one of our numbered hologram COA stickers that you can look up in our Autograph Authentication database to include:

• Who signed
• Date of signing
• What was signed

Premium Authentication:
Upgrading to our Premium Authentication for $10.00 means 
you will also see:

• Signing location
• Theme of item (Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, etc.)
• Item description (Photo, Poster, Toy)
• Photo of item & signature(s)
• Additional details (if applicable)


• If an item has already been authenticated by Official Pix, we will utilize the same COA number and simply update the information for it.

• For new orders, Authentication must be selected at the time of purchase

• Unauthenticated items will not be eligible for authentication by Official Pix once they have shipped

• By selecting No Authentication, we will not put a shield on the front of any pre-ordered photo, and will not put the QR code sticker on the back.


• Official Pix Shield stickers will continue to be placed on the bottom/front of all new Pre-Ordered photographs with the Standard or Premium Authentication tier selected.

Over the course of the last 20+ years, we have used three different COA stickers as shown here. Our newest sticker includes a QR Code for a quick scan on your phone.

• Official Pix Authentication Stickers are placed on the back of all flat items, toys, posters, etc. 

• These stickers are not available on clothing items or surfaces that the sticker cannot completely adhere to.